Welcome to the One Stroke Inks Compliance page where you can download individual compliance, technical, and safety documents that you may need. These include the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), Certificates of Compliance (CoC), Technical Data Sheets (TDS), and Safety Data Sheets (SDS, formerly MSDS).

California Proposition 65 [PDF]       Conflict Minerals [PDF]      
CPSIA [PDF]       Made In The USA [PDF]      
Nike RSL Test - PVC Free Series [PDF]       VOC Letter [PDF]      

.357 Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] 180 Series Glow-in-the-Dark [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
180 Series Metallics [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] 180 Series Super Gel [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
222 Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] 26 White [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
380 Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] 381 Premium White [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
388 Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] 480 FF Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
480 Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] 680 Puff Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
Aquasilk Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] Athletic Plus Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
Athletic Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] AutoMagic White [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
Babysoft Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] Bravo Flex Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
Bravo White [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] Brite Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
Colormax Poly Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] Colormax Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
Comfort FF Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] Core 24 [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
Dream White [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] EJ Blacklight White [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
EJ Special FF White [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] EJ Special White [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
ELT MM System Refills [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] ELT Niche Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
ELT Pigment System Refills [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] ELT Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
ELT Zip Transfer Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] ELT-S Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
ELT-X Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] ELT-X White [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
EZ Flo Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] EZ Process Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
Glitter Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] H.O.TPrint Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
H.O.TPrint Transfer Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] Highlighter Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
Hybrid FF Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] Hybrid LC Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
Hybrid Pro Series               [TDS] [SDS] Hybrid Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
LB Premium FF White [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] Lumiflect [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
MB White [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] Mia White [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
NP Dry Fit Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] Nylostretch Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
PC 90 Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] Polystretch Plus Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
Production Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] Pure Plus Flex White [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
Pure Plus White [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] Pure White [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
PVC Free Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] Relief Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
Smart Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] Soft FX LC Series               [TDS] [SDS]
Soft Peel Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] Soft-N-Easy HD Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
Solarmax Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] Soymax Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
Sparkle Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] Super Smooth White [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
Thoroughbred MM System Refills               [TDS]       Underbase LC White [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
Underbase White [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] Velvet Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
Versamax Extreme Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] Versamax Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
Watercolor LC Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] Watercolor Series [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]
Your Custom White [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS] Your Custom White Plus [CPSIA] [CoC] [TDS] [SDS]

21 Step Sensitivity Guide               [TDS]       Athletic Reducer               [TDS] [SDS]
Atkins Heat Probe               [TDS]       Auto Formula Additive               [TDS] [SDS]
BBC Afford-A-Flash Dryer               [TDS]       BBC Air Flash Dryer               [TDS]      
BBC Big Buddy               [TDS]       BBC Black Flash Dryers               [TDS]      
BBC Digi-Cure               [TDS]       BBC Little Buddy               [TDS]      
BBC T Series Conveyor               [TDS]       Blockout Pens               [TDS] [SDS]
Chemica Galaxy               [TDS]       Chemica Hotmark Revolution 15"               [TDS]      
Chemica Hotmark Revolution 19.5"               [TDS]       Chemica Metallic               [TDS]      
Chromaline Chromablue               [TDS] [SDS] Chromaline Chromalime               [TDS] [SDS]
Chromaline Quick Film               [TDS]       Coarse Transfer Powder                     [SDS]
Curable Reducer               [TDS] [SDS] ELT Reducer               [TDS] [SDS]
ELT Thickening Powder               [TDS] [SDS] ELT WOW Additive               [TDS] [SDS]
ELT Zip Fashion Powder               [TDS] [SDS] ELT Zip Performance Powder               [TDS] [SDS]
ELT-S Additive               [TDS] [SDS] Fine Transfer Powder               [TDS] [SDS]
Frame Adhesive Kit               [TDS] [SDS] Franmar Bean-e-doo               [TDS] [SDS]
Franmar Color Change               [TDS] [SDS] Franmar d-Grease               [TDS] [SDS]
Franmar d-Haze               [TDS] [SDS] Franmar d-Haze Gel               [TDS] [SDS]
Franmar Greeneway               [TDS] [SDS] Franmar Haze Remover ES                          
Franmar Ickee Stickee Unstuck               [TDS] [SDS] Franmar One Step Clear               [TDS] [SDS]
Franmar One Step Neutralizer                           Franmar Strip-e-doo               [TDS] [SDS]
Franmar Strip-e-doo Concentrate                           Franmar Textile Trial Kit               [TDS]      
Franmar Un-Lok               [TDS] [SDS] Glitter               [TDS]      
Hotronix Auto Open Clam               [TDS]       HS Reducer               [TDS] [SDS]
Lithopaque Pens                     [SDS] Nylon Catalyst                     [SDS]
Orange Power Plus                     [SDS] OSI Hand Wipes                     [SDS]
OSI Poly Transfer Powder                     [SDS] OSI Remove HC8               [TDS] [SDS]
OSI Screen Wash                     [SDS] OSI Soft Peel Transfer Paper               [TDS]      
OSI Universal Ink Remover               [TDS] [SDS] Puff Powder Additive               [TDS]      
Reclaiming Powder               [TDS] [SDS] Reclaiming Powder Kit               [TDS] [SDS]
Reducer 2               [TDS] [SDS] Saatichem Direct Prep               [TDS] [SDS]
Saatichem Direct Prep 2               [TDS] [SDS] Saatichem Finish S1               [TDS] [SDS]
Saatichem Finish S2               [TDS] [SDS] Saatichem Fixer 9               [TDS] [SDS]
Saatichem Graphic DS 2               [TDS] [SDS] Saatichem Graphic HU               [TDS] [SDS]
Saatichem Graphic HU 42               [TDS] [SDS] Saatichem Graphic HU Red               [TDS] [SDS]
Saatichem Graphic PS               [TDS] [SDS] Saatichem Graphic PU               [TDS] [SDS]
Saatichem Remove ER2               [TDS] [SDS] Saatichem Remove ER5               [TDS] [SDS]
Saatichem Remove ER6               [TDS] [SDS] Saatichem Remove HR3               [TDS] [SDS]
Saatichem Remove HR6               [TDS] [SDS] Saatichem Remove IR10                     [SDS]
Saatichem Remove IR26               [TDS] [SDS] Saatichem Remove IR4               [TDS] [SDS]
Saatichem Remove PW4               [TDS] [SDS] Saatichem Textil DV               [TDS] [SDS]
Saatichem Textil DW               [TDS] [SDS] Saatichem Textil PHU Red               [TDS] [SDS]
Saatichem Textil PHW Red               [TDS] [SDS] Saatichem Textil PV               [TDS] [SDS]
Simply Peel Transfer Paper               [TDS]       Siser Brick 600               [TDS]      
Siser Colorprint Easy               [TDS]       Siser Colorprint Extra               [TDS]      
Siser Colorprint PU               [TDS]       Siser Colorprint Soft Opaque               [TDS]      
Siser Colorprint Sublithin               [TDS]       Siser Easy Glow               [TDS]      
Siser Easyweed               [TDS]       Siser Easyweed Extra               [TDS]      
Siser Easyweed Sub Block               [TDS]       Siser Holographic               [TDS]      
Siser Stripflock Pro               [TDS]       Siser TTD Easy Mask               [TDS]      
Sprayway Adhesive Activator               [TDS] [SDS] Sprayway C-60               [TDS] [SDS]
Sprayway Clean Jet 100               [TDS] [SDS] Sprayway Fast Open 957               [TDS] [SDS]
Sprayway Glass Cleaner               [TDS] [SDS] Sprayway SW-077               [TDS] [SDS]
Stick With It Mist               [TDS] [SDS] Stick With It Web               [TDS] [SDS]
Tekmar Formula TS-1               [TDS] [SDS] Tekmar Formula TS-3               [TDS] [SDS]
Tekmar Scorch Remover               [TDS] [SDS] Tekmar TB-EZ               [TDS] [SDS]
Tekmar TB-Orange                     [SDS] Tekmar Tekbond TB 10               [TDS] [SDS]
Tekmar Tekbond TB-HV               [TDS] [SDS] Ultrafix Frame Adhesive               [TDS] [SDS]
Visco Minus               [TDS] [SDS]
Founded in 1997, One Stroke Inks quickly assumed the role of America’s Premier Ink Manufacturer. We take great pride in our highly skilled research and development team, our innovative products, and our world class customer service and 100% product guarantee. Because of these things, we will continue to be here for you for generations to come.

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