EZGrip Squeegee Handle

EZGrip Squeegee Handle
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The EZGrip Squeegee handle is a game-changer for manual screen printers. This OSHA recommended squeegee handle is easier on your hands, wrists, and elbows. The unique design allows you to change squeegee blades quickly. This is great for cleaning and for quickly changing squeegee blades to softer/harder rubber. This will also allow you to stock fewer squeegee handles and more squeegee blades. Use any squeegee rubber length from 6” up to 14” wide (sold separately). The squeegee handle itself is 13” wide.

Best Features:

* Ergonomic grip
* Push or pull
* Never falls into the ink in the screen
* No squeegee rack needed

Click Here for Squeegee Rubber

20" x 24" Aluminum Pre-Stretched Screens

Our quality mesh counts range from 24 to 330 in white or dyed. These screens are built to last with a solid but lightweight frame, high quality fabric, and a strong frame adhesive. High tension, high quality mesh, will not warp, lightweight, white and yellow mesh, custom sizes available.

Aluminum Squeegee Handle

This aluminum squeegee handle will not include squeegee rubber. The handle measures 4.5" tall by 1" thick. We will custom cut (3" minimum size) the handle to your specifications.

Blockout Pens

Available in green, red, and blue. The blockout pens are a quick and convenient way to repair small pinholes in the screen. The green pens dry very rapidly and work great for on-press repairs. The red and blue pens are slower drying for off-press repairs.