Siser Easyweed

Siser Easyweed
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Easyweed is a polyurethane, ready-to-cut heat press material designed for custom garment decoration.  The pressure sensitive carrier allows you to weed very small letters and fine details easily.  Easyweed is much thinner than other film materials.  Because of its thinness, it is extremely easy to cut, weed, and apply.  Available in 15" and 19.5" widths (15" wide unless noted).  Watch Video

Best Features:

* CPSIA Certified
* PU composition
* 90 microns thick
* You can layer Easyweed materials
* Applies to cotton, poly/cotton, polyester, and leather

Application Instructions:

  1. Cut in reverse
  2. Weed excess material
  3. Preheat garment for 2-3 seconds
  4. Apply design at 305ºF with medium pressure for 10-15 seconds
  5. Peel carrier hot or cold

Our Take:

It is called Easyweed.  You would assume this to be extremely easy-to-weed.  It is actually called Easyweed because you can easily cut and weed fine details without pulling off or pulling up the little details.  If you do pull off a small detail by accident, you can actually stick it back down thanks to the sticky carrier.  The biggest benefit of Easyweed is its ease of use on the heat press.  You can do a quick 2 second press on the first color, peel, and then press the second color immediately for the full time.  This is an amazing benefit for your production time and labor cost.  Also, the low temperature press (305ºF for 10 to 15 seconds) will prevent heat-related fabric damage just like our low temperature inks.

ELT-S Series

Perhaps you are needing a low temperature ink but you require the softest possible feel for cotton and poly/cotton fabrics.  The ELT-S Series combines many of the ELT Series benefits with a softer and more stretchy finish.  This is the perfect ink for use on all of your fabrics, especially stretchy polyester.

Heat Press Glitter

Our Glitter heat transfer vinyl is the best on the market. Our colors are vibrant and contain maximum sparkle! Why have a plain design when you can bling it out for maximum appeal? Glitter is CPSIA Certified so that even kids clothing can look amazing. You can also sublimate directly onto Heat Press Glitter!

ELT-X Series

Low temperature inks at the next level, ELT-X Series is the most opaque, low bleed ink in our innovative ELT family.  ELT-X White and colors do a superior job at holding down cotton and polyester "fuzz" which often makes your prints so rough.  Although we have added so many improvements to this ink, it is still soft to the touch and flexible.