OSI Double-Sided Laser Clear

OSI Double-Sided Laser Clear
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Clear laser films are often not heat stable, causing registration problems.  OSI Double-Sided Clear is extremely heat stable for faster and more accurate registration.  4 mil. thick film.  For use with any laser printer or copier.

Best Features:

* 4 mil. thick
* Heat stable
* Clear film, not cloudy

Our Take:

Some of our customers demand a clear laser film.  We always recommend the cloudy laser film as the toner will be more opaque on this surface.  However, for those who do want the clear film, this is the most heat stable clear film we have ever tested.  It is an excellent upgrade from many cloudy films.  Our most heat stable is still the OSI D.S. Laser Opaque.

Soymax Series

Looking for a green alternative to standard plastisol inks?  How about a soy-based ink?  You don't need to change the way you print or cure the Soymax inks.  It performs just like your regular, every day plastisol ink.  However, it has a very soft feel and is stretchable.  Green is good.