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Reflective screen printing made easy.  Lumiflect is an easy-to-print plastisol ink for cotton and poly/cotton tees, sweats, and other soft clothing.  Print the dark gray on safety yellow tees for excellent visibility day or night.  Silver is great on navy and black fabric.

Best Features:

* Easy-to-print fashion reflective
* 4 colors available (Lumiflect, Dark Gray, Silver, and Metallic Gold)
* Screen print through a variety of mesh counts
* Great coverage on dark fabrics

Our Take:

Lumiflect is easily our most reflective ink for use as a "fashion reflective".  Why do we call it a fashion reflective?  This ink has no safety rating.  You can print Lumiflect through numerous mesh counts with numerous printing techniques and get varying results.  For best results, listen to the TDS (technical data sheet).  You need to print Lumiflect directly on a cotton or poly/cotton material.  Do not underbase.  Do not print-flash-print.  If you do this, the ink is very impressive!

Curable Reducer

Curable reducer will cure by itself into a soft, durable film. It may be added at higher proportions than non-curable reducers with little effect on cure properties.  This may be added to virtually any plastisol ink (not low temperature ink).

ELT-S Series

Perhaps you are needing a low temperature ink but you require the softest possible feel for cotton and poly/cotton fabrics.  The ELT-S Series combines many of the ELT Series benefits with a softer and more stretchy finish.  This is the perfect ink for use on all of your fabrics, especially stretchy polyester.

Siser Easyweed

Easyweed is a polyurethane, ready-to-cut heat press material designed for custom garment decoration.  The pressure sensitive carrier allows you to weed very small letters and fine details easily.  Easyweed is much thinner than other film materials.  Because of its thinness, it is extremely easy to cut, weed, and apply.  Available in 15" and 19.5" widths (15" wide unless noted).