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  #4 Thermolabels (240F-280F)
  #5 Thermolabels (290F-330F)
  #6 Thermolabels (340F-380F)

Inexpensive strips for determining the dryer temperature. #4 Thermolabels measure 240 F - 280 F, #5 Thermolabels measure 290 F - 330 F, #6 Thermolabels measure 340 F - 380 F.  Each package contains 16 Thermolabels.

Our Take:

Don't overlook Thermolabels.  Stick one of these to the first and last print of every run.  Take the Thermolabel off and attach it to the work order.  Now you have accountability.  If you get failing prints of any kind, you can go back to the work order and make sure the dryer temperature was exactly where it needed to be.  Many of our customers swear by the infrared guns to measure cure temperature.  This only measures the top of the ink deposit.  It does not imply in any way that the bottom of the ink ever reached the cure temperature.  Thermolabels are really not optional, you need these to stay in business.

Aluminum Squeegee

Our custom-cut aluminum squeegees measure 4.5" tall and 1" thick. We can cut them to any length (minimum size is 3") and include squeegee rubber. We offer single durometer, dual durometer, and triple durometer squeegee blades. Squeegee rubber is clamped in place without the use of glue. This allows the rubber to be easily replaced when worn.

Cure-Rite Temperature Dots

Inexpensive pink stickers to be placed next to a print and sent through the conveyor dryer. When the dot has changed color from pink to blue, the print is proven to be cured. The dots are packaged 50 per envelope.

EJ Blacklight White

White ink does not normally glow under blacklights.  It will look gray and dull.  The EJ Blacklight White solves this problem for use with glow in the dark inks and fluorescent inks.  Now you can have white in your art which will really stand out.