Saatichem Graphic PS 2

Saatichem Graphic PS 2
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One-part emulsion replaces two-part solvent-resistant emulsions with no mixing, no stains, and a much longer shelf life.  Resistant to plastisol ink, UV ink, and solvent-based ink.  Exposes 3 times faster than diazo and dual-cure emulsions.

Best Features:

* No mixing of diazo necessary
* Long shelf-life
* Great for most ink types

Franmar d-Grease

Degreaser and screen dryer. Helps eliminate pin-holing. Ready to use. Rinses clean with hot or cold water. Removes solvent residues that interfere with tape sticking. Made from distilled corn oil. 100% biodegradable.

Franmar Strip-e-doo

Emulsion Remover breaks down the toughest of emulsions, capillary films, and stencils without weakening the screen mesh. This powerful emulsion remover is formulated with a built-in degreaser that changes color when no longer active, saving time and money.

OSI Double-Sided Laser Opaque

This is quite simply the best laser film we have to offer.  OSI Double-Sided Laser Opaque is a 4 mil. thick, cloudy film with the best heat stability we have ever tested.  If you need accurate registration with a laser printer, this is your film.