Franmar d-Haze

Franmar d-Haze
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  5 Gallons

Ghost remover plus degreaser. Safe, easy to use ink haze remover. Removes ink haze, scum, and ghost images. Degreases at the same time. Will not burn your screen. No fumes. 100% biodegradable. Made from soy.  Watch Video

Best Features:

* Safe for your mesh
* Degreases and removes haze
* No harsh odor
* Soybean chemical

Our Take:

Wonderful product. not allow the d-Haze to get on the frame adhesive glue as it may loosen or remove it.  Just a tip for the wise.

Chromaline Chromalime

Similar to Chromablue in every way, the Chromalime is a lime green liquid emulsion.  The difference in color is everything as the lime green color allows for easy registration.  You can see through this color much easier than a red or blue emulsion.

Franmar Bean-e-doo

The cleaning power combined with the unique attributes of this ink remover makes it truly amazing!  Bean-e-doo is naturally made from 100% soybeans.  Replaces mineral spirits.  A clean air solvent.  No dangerous vapors.  Biodegradable and non-toxic.  Removes tape residue on frame edge.

Franmar d-Grease

Degreaser and screen dryer. Helps eliminate pin-holing. Ready to use. Rinses clean with hot or cold water. Removes solvent residues that interfere with tape sticking. Made from distilled corn oil. 100% biodegradable.