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  January 31 2018 - Real Talk: Ghosting

Real Talk: Ghosting

Screen printers struggle to prevent a problem known as ghosting. It simply is very difficult to predict exactly when the problem will occur. Luckily, we have tested enough fabric to know what causes ghosting and how to prevent it. If you give us the chance, we will stop ghosting problems from affe ... More!

  January 25 2018 - Real Talk: Ink Curing

Real Talk: Ink Curing

We manufacture plastisol ink. We are doing it. It's messy. Come to Louisville and check it out. This is happening. Having said this, why are we not the first phone call you make in regards to testing your dryer temperature? Oh, you called the dryer manufacturer? Bad idea. These guys are more inter ... More!

  January 18 2018 - Real Talk: ELT-S Printing Tips

Real Talk: ELT-S Printing Tips

ELT-S Series is our most popular ink. There are numerous reasons for this but we aren't here to talk about the reasons to buy ELT-S. Kidding! I am totally going to give you these reasons as I cannot resist. This ink is so soft. It's so stretchy. The cure temperature is a low, low 250ºF. Yes, ELT-S ... More!

  January 11 2018 - Real Talk: Emulsion Problems

Real Talk: Emulsion Problems

When your emulsion is acting up you need help fast. If you don't have time to read all of this, assume your emulsion is under-exposed. That's right! I went there. If you do have time to read this, I am going to discuss some common and not so common emulsion problems. I may even add photos as I am ... More!

  January 8 2018 - Real Talk: ELT Additives

Real Talk: ELT Additives

Before you even! You don't need to be a chemist to work with our low temperature inks such as ELT and ELT-S Series. You don't need additives. You don't need a professional mixer. This ink is ready-to-use out of the bucket. That doesn't mean you won't want to use an additive. There are cer ... More!

  January 2 2018 - Real Talk: Ink Cost

Real Talk: Ink Cost

Our premium inks cost more than our competitors. If you didn't know that, I was totally kidding. Ignore me. Regardless, we are often asked how we can justify the higher price to the owner or general manager. Screen printers love the ink but they often are not in charge of budgets and other financi ... More!

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