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Introducing: The Amazing ELT-X White

Introducing: The Amazing ELT-X White
February 14 2018
Our complete line of extreme low temperature inks just got an upgrade.  ELT-X White is here for use on the most difficult fabrics.  Compared to the original ELT White, ELT-X White has far improved opacity and bleed resistance.  This makes it a must-have ink for any athletic printer working with difficult 100% polyester fabric and polyester/stretch blends.  Another huge benefit of the ELT-X White is its ability to cure at high or low temperatures while still maintaining its impressive opacity and bleed resistance.  Curing at 320ºF will not protect your fabric from heat-related damage but ELT-X White will remain just that, bright white.  This is great for printers who only want to cure at a low temperature when they have to.

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