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Introducing: Tekmar TB-EZ

Introducing: Tekmar TB-EZ
February 23 2018
Screen printers of athletic apparel and uniforms often complain that new "moisture management" fabrics do not stick very well to the platen.  The adhesives have to be re-applied very often causing production slow-downs.  Tekmar has created an impressive new product which will end this constant need to re-apply platen adhesive.  TB-EZ is a water-based adhesive specifically for high tech fabrics.  It can be applied with an air-driven spray system such as a TB-500 or TB-1000.  You can also apply TB-EZ using a plastic applicator.

In addition to the new platen adhesive, we are also releasing the Tekmar TB-Orange as a fast, efficient way to clean platen adhesives.  Simply spray the TB-Orange onto the platen and scrub with the handy nozzle.  TB-Orange works extremely well on both water-based adhesives and traditional aerosol adhesives.

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