Essentials Color Book

Essentials Color Book
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Essential colors by One Stroke Inks!  Our Essential color book/color chart displays our fluorescent colors, nylon ink, stretch ink, process ink, velvet ink, and our classic Colormax Series.  Each color chip is actual printed ink.

Featured Ink Series:

* 222 Series
* Brite Series
* Colormax Series
* Colormax Poly Series
* EZ Flo Series
* EZ Process Series
* Nylostretch Series
* Polystretch Series
* Velvet Series

480 Series

Simply the easiest-to-print plastisol ink for cotton and poly/cotton T-shirts, the 480 Series is the go-to ink on light fabrics or when a white underbase is present. This is also the best ink for wet-on-wet printing techniques as it will not build up on the back of the next screen as quickly as opaque inks.

Eclectic Color Book

Special effect colors by One Stroke Inks!  Our Eclectic color book/color chart displays our glitter, metallic, glow in the dark, and reflective inks.

Hybrid FF Series

Hybrid FF Series is a version of our popular Hybrid Series with a far faster flash cure time.  the faster flash cure speed will prevent problems such as shrinking, scorching, and fabric discoloration.  Just like the original version, Hybrid FF Series is fantastic at holding down the "fuzz".  The opacity of colors such as daisy and gold allow for print, flash, print coverage on dark fabric.