ELT Series

ELT Series
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ELT stands for "extreme low temperature".  This ink will cure as low as 250ºF for the ultimate energy savings, dye blocking, shrink preventing, and crack resistant ink.  ELT is soft, stretchable, bleed resistant, and very easy-to-print.

Best Features:

* Prevents dye migration, shrinking, scorching, melting, ghosting, and color-changing
* Big energy savings
* Print on polypropylene without additives
* Universal - print virtually any fabric

Our Take:

Extreme low temperature inks have changed the screen printing industry forever.  Why would you want to cure inks at a high temperature?  You are inviting heat-related problems which lead to you replacing expensive apparel.  ELT White is such an important ink as it's formula is simply the safest ink to screen print on the silver, charcoal, and vegas gold polyester fabrics causing the most ghosting problems.  ELT Digital Black Underbase is the only ink for apparel which can stop dye migration on patterned sublimated polyester such as digital camo tees.  This is THE ONLY INK anywhere that can do it.

Color Chart

480 Series

Simply the easiest-to-print plastisol ink for cotton and poly/cotton T-shirts, the 480 Series is the go-to ink on light fabrics or when a white underbase is present. This is also the best ink for wet-on-wet printing techniques as it will not build up on the back of the next screen as quickly as opaque inks.

Curable Reducer

Curable reducer will cure by itself into a soft, durable film. It may be added at higher proportions than non-curable reducers with little effect on cure properties.  This may be added to virtually any plastisol ink (not low temperature ink).

OSI Inkjet Film

Waterproof inkjet film for use as a film positive.  Storage is no problem with waterproof inkjet film as it will last for years.  It will be dry immediately after exiting the printer.  Unlike many inkjet films, OSI Inkjet Film is unlikely to have curling problems.