Dream White

Dream White
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The Dream White is quite simply the easiest cotton ink to work with.  The viscosity is perfect for manual and automatic printing.  The coverage on dark cotton is great.  It has just a pinch of puff to it for that extra boost of coverage needed to rise above the cotton fibers that often stick up.

Best Features:

* Great fuzz hold-down
* Soft finish
* Very opaque on dark cotton
* Great ink for printing hot peel transfers

Our Take:

We are always so concerned with solving big problems such as dye migration, ghosting, and scorching, we forget about inks for the simple fabrics like cotton.  Dream White is simply the most consistently loved ink we have ever offered.  It prints easily.  Fluffy texture.  Awesome for direct printing.  As an added bonus, this is one of the best hot peel transfer inks on the market. 

Colormax Series

We stock an enormous color selection of the super-opaque Colormax Series including white.  These inks have been formulated to print on black and dark fabrics without the use of an underbase.  Great for preventing dye migration, the Colormax inks stay bright after many washes. 

Comfort FF Series

Softer prints.  Faster flash time.  Incredible fuzz hold-down.  Comfort FF Series white and colors will make your customers love you and your printers will thank you.  This is a very easy ink to print with as the ink viscosity is "fluffy".  The crazy-fast flash time will prevent problems such as scorching and shrinking.

ELT Series

ELT stands for "extreme low temperature".  This ink will cure as low as 250ºF for the ultimate energy savings, dye blocking, shrink preventing, and crack resistant ink.  ELT is soft, stretchable, bleed resistant, and very easy-to-print.