Colormax FF White

Colormax FF White
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If you like the Colormax Series inks, you will love this faster flashing white ink.  Colormax Fast Flash White is a great ink for preventing dye migration on poly/cotton and it gives you maximum coverage on dark fabrics.  This is a great stand-alone white ink to keep production rolling.

Best Features:

* Extremely bleed resistant on poly/cotton
* Fast flash time speeds up production and limits fabric problems
* Excellent coverage on dark fabric

Smart Series

Smart Series is a unique plastisol ink as it is a universal formula for use on virtually any fabric.  However, it can also cure at a high or low temperature!  This is a wonderful benefit as the low temperature ability can protect your expensive fabrics from dye migration, shrinking, ghosting, fabric discoloration, and scorching.  Very smart!

Soymax Series

Looking for a green alternative to standard plastisol inks?  How about a soy-based ink?  You don't need to change the way you print or cure the Soymax inks.  It performs just like your regular, every day plastisol ink.  However, it has a very soft feel and is stretchable.  Green is good.