Blackline KDL Washout Booth

Blackline KDL Washout Booth
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Full size and made of 1/4-inch, semi-transparent natural polypropylene, the KDL is strong, durable and built to give you years of service. It can hold a standard 23” x 31” screen and comes standard with two screen supports. And because the KDL is semi-transparent, back-lighting can be added by the customer if so desired. Ships UPS Ground.

So if you're looking for an entry-level washout booth that will grow with your business and save you on freight costs, Blackline's KD series of sinks are the perfect fit. Measures 32”W x 24”L x 64”H

Best Features:

* Welded main pan
* Locking side and back panels
* Built-in screen supports
* 1/4-inch natural polypro construction
* Easy to back-light

21 Step Sensitivity Guide

Find the ideal exposure time fast with a 21 Step Sensitivity Guide. Simply tape one of these to your screen, expose, and give the emulsion a hard rinse. Depending on how many squares remain, the guide will give you the perfect exposure time.

Blockout Pens

Available in green, red, and blue. The blockout pens are a quick and convenient way to repair small pinholes in the screen. The green pens dry very rapidly and work great for on-press repairs. The red and blue pens are slower drying for off-press repairs.

Chromaline Chromalime

Similar to Chromablue in every way, the Chromalime is a lime green liquid emulsion.  The difference in color is everything as the lime green color allows for easy registration.  You can see through this color much easier than a red or blue emulsion.