Your Custom White Plus

Your Custom White Plus
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Your Custom White Plus is the perfect reminder that we manufacture inks for you.  This was an ink we custom built for a customer in need of a few key benefits in a poly/cotton and 100% polyester white ink.  First, this white ink has fantastic fuzz hold-down.  No more rough prints on any fabric.  Second, this ink needed to print easily.  Your Custom White Plus clears the screen so easily compared to other athletic white inks.  Finally, this white ink needed a quick flash time.  It is about as fast as any ink we have ever tested.  This ink has it all for basic tees and sweats!

Best Features:

* Excellent bleed resistance on 100% polyester
* Best "fuzz" hold-down for use on rough cotton, poly/cotton, and polyester tees/sweats
* Super-fast flash cure time
* Stretchy and soft for printing triblends and stretchy polyester
21 Step Sensitivity Guide

Find the ideal exposure time fast with a 21 Step Sensitivity Guide. Simply tape one of these to your screen, expose, and give the emulsion a hard rinse. Depending on how many squares remain, the guide will give you the perfect exposure time.

Bravo Flex Series

For those of you that require more stretch out of your ink due to spandex or lycra content, introducing Bravo Flex Series. This is a premium ink capable of printing all fabrics. Bravo Flex stops dye migration on 100% polyester. It adheres to untreated nylon. Cotton is no problem. Bravo!

Bravo White

What happens when you create a white ink that performs better against dye migration than a polyester ink yet prints just as easily as a cotton ink? Excellence. This white ink truly is the latest and greatest as it will print cotton, poly/cotton, nylon, and even 100% polyester with ease. Bravo!