Chemica Hotmark Revolution Print

Chemica Hotmark Revolution Print
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Everything you love about Hotmark Revolution in a printable heat press material!  The Revolution Print will decorate cotton, poly/cotton, and nylon.  This is a very thin and stretchy material.  It can be applied as low as 245ºF and peeled hot!

Best Features:

* Rolls are 20" wide by 22 yards in length
* Super-soft
* Stretchy for lycra/spandex blends
* You can apply it without a mask/transfer tape
* Low temperature application

Application Instructions:

  1. Before cutting, allow 4 hours to dry with heavily saturated prints
  2. Cut and weed material
  3. Mask when necessary (you don't need to but you can if it helps you line up the print)
  4. Poly/Cotton: Apply at 245ºF at medium to firm pressure for 20 seconds
    Cotton: Apply at 285ºF at medium to firm pressure for 5 seconds
    100% Nylon: Apply at 285ºF at medium to firm pressure for 5 seconds, peel hot, heat press another 15 seconds.
  5. Peel hot
Siser TTD Easy Mask

A great deal of time was spent formulating a transfer tape that works well with our heat transfer materials. This CLEAR mask allows you to accurately place the image on the garment, and also releases easily after heat application. We require that when using our print and cut materials, that you use our TTD Easy Mask for the best application results.