Tekmar Tekbond TB-HV

Tekmar Tekbond TB-HV
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  8 oz
  32 oz

Tekbond TB-HV is a revolutionary new pallet adhesive that can be hand applied directly to the pallet. Water based, with no solvents or other hazardous ingredients, TB-HV is completely non-hazardous. TB-HV affords tremendous economy, 1 quart can replace up to 3 dozen 16oz cans of spray adhesive with absolutely no mess or waste. TB-HV can withstand repeated flashing, without losing its tack.

Blockout Pens

Available in green, red, and blue. The blockout pens are a quick and convenient way to repair small pinholes in the screen. The green pens dry very rapidly and work great for on-press repairs. The red and blue pens are slower drying for off-press repairs.

Franmar Scrub Handles

Removable scrub pad handle. Used with white, red, and blue pads.

Franmar Scrub Pads

Non-absorbent, super tough blue cleaning pads.  Cleans without doing damage to the emulsion or absorbing solvent. Re-usable handles available.