381 Premium White

381 Premium White
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Our go-to hot split transfer white ink for decorating cotton and poly/cotton fabric. 381 Premium White is perfect for use with the 380 Series colors as the share all of the same gel and heat pressing properties.

Best Features:

* Soft feel
* Creamy, easy-to-print
* Great opacity on dark fabric
* Even split from the paper, preventing a blotchy appearance

Our Take:

This is the perfect companion ink to the 380 Series transfer inks. This white ink is very forgiving in the gelling process. It splits very consistently from hot split and hot peel transfer paper. If you are printing transfers for the first time, this would be an excellent ink to try first.

380 Series

By far the easiest to use hot split/hot peel transfer ink is our 380 Series. An enormous color selection is available including custom colors and metallic. 380 Series colors are opaque enough for printing on light to medium fabrics without a white backing. For best results, use 381 Premium White with 380 Series colors.

Franmar Bean-e-doo

The cleaning power combined with the unique attributes of this ink remover makes it truly amazing!  Bean-e-doo is naturally made from 100% soybeans.  Replaces mineral spirits.  A clean air solvent.  No dangerous vapors.  Biodegradable and non-toxic.  Removes tape residue on frame edge.

Hybrid FF Series

Hybrid FF Series is a version of our popular Hybrid Series with a far faster flash cure time.  the faster flash cure speed will prevent problems such as shrinking, scorching, and fabric discoloration.  Just like the original version, Hybrid FF Series is fantastic at holding down the "fuzz".  The opacity of colors such as daisy and gold allow for print, flash, print coverage on dark fabric.