Siser Colorprint PU

Siser Colorprint PU
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Siser’s ColorPrint™ PU is a thin & stretchable print and cut material. Looking to create stretchable full-color graphics from your Eco-Solvent or Solvent based printer/cutter? ColorPrint™ PU is the answer to your needs! It’s thin enough to provide a great hand and stretchable enough for most performance wear. ColorPrint™ PU is great because it doesn’t require any dry time before masking! Print, cut, mask, and press! It’s that simple to use!  Watch Video

Best Features:

* CPSIA Certified
* Great stretch and rebound
* 70 microns
* Available in matte and semi-gloss
* Applies to cotton, poly/cotton, polyester, leather, stretch blends

Application Instructions:

  1. Before cutting, allow 1 hour to dry with heavily saturated prints
  2. Print, cut, and weed material
  3. Mask with TTD Easy or TTD High Tack Mask
  4. Apply at 295ºF at medium pressure for 15 seconds
  5. Peel hot
Siser Stripflock

A great alternative to embroidery, StripFlock® gives logos a raised, textured, suede-like feel. Excellent for retro designs or anytime you want a rich look. Stripflock® can be used as a base layer and covered with other materials, giving a very unique, high-end look to logos and designs. In addition, StripFlock® is very opaque and has deep, rich colors.  15" wide rolls.

Siser TTD Easy Mask

A great deal of time was spent formulating a transfer tape that works well with our heat transfer materials. This CLEAR mask allows you to accurately place the image on the garment, and also releases easily after heat application. We require that when using our print and cut materials, that you use our TTD Easy Mask for the best application results. 

Chemica Hotmark Revolution 15"

If you are a fan of our low temperature universal inks, you are going to love the Hotmark Revolution!  This is the heat press material equivalent to our ELT-S Series as it will decorate most fabrics including cotton, poly/cotton, polyester, nylon, and acrylics.  This is a soft, thin material.  Extremely easy-to-weed.  Also, you can layer it for easy multi-color art work!