Saatichem Textil PHW Red

Saatichem Textil PHW Red
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Red photopolymer emulsion capable of creating ultra-thick 300 to 3000 micron stencils.  Very high solids content and high viscosity.  Resistant to plastisol, high humidity, and water-based ink (when post-exposed).

Features & Benefits:

* Fast exposure (10X faster than most two-part emulsion)
* Creates high density stencils
* Resistant to high humidity (great for use in Florida)
* 50% solids

ELT-S Series

Perhaps you are needing a low temperature ink but you require the softest possible feel for cotton and poly/cotton fabrics.  The ELT-S Series combines many of the ELT Series benefits with a softer and more stretchy finish.  This is the perfect ink for use on all of your fabrics, especially stretchy polyester.

Franmar Bean-e-doo

The cleaning power combined with the unique attributes of this ink remover makes it truly amazing!  Bean-e-doo is naturally made from 100% soybeans.  Replaces mineral spirits.  A clean air solvent.  No dangerous vapors.  Biodegradable and non-toxic.  Removes tape residue on frame edge.

Franmar d-Grease

Degreaser and screen dryer. Helps eliminate pin-holing. Ready to use. Rinses clean with hot or cold water. Removes solvent residues that interfere with tape sticking. Made from distilled corn oil. 100% biodegradable.