Saatichem Graphic HU Red

Saatichem Graphic HU Red
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This red dual-cure emulsion is great for screen printing UV, plastisol, solvent, and water-based inks.  Great for fine detail printing, Graphic HU Red lacks the tackiness typical of many dual-cure emulsions.

Best Features:

* 39% solids
* Excellent print definition
* Slick surface for preventing squeegee drag
* Great for use with most ink types
* Water-resistant when post-exposed

Blockout Pens

Available in green, red, and blue. The blockout pens are a quick and convenient way to repair small pinholes in the screen. The green pens dry very rapidly and work great for on-press repairs. The red and blue pens are slower drying for off-press repairs.

OSI Inkjet Film

Waterproof inkjet film for use as a film positive.  Storage is no problem with waterproof inkjet film as it will last for years.  It will be dry immediately after exiting the printer.  Unlike many inkjet films, OSI Inkjet Film is unlikely to have curling problems.