Saatichem Graphic HU

Saatichem Graphic HU
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This blue dual-cure emulsion is great for screen printing UV, plastisol, solvent, and water-based inks.  Great for fine detail printing, Graphic HU lacks the tackiness typical of many dual-cure emulsions.

Best Features:

* 39% solids
* Excellent print definition
* Slick surface for preventing squeegee drag
* Great for use with most ink types
* Water-resistant when post-exposed

21 Step Sensitivity Guide

Find the ideal exposure time fast with a 21 Step Sensitivity Guide. Simply tape one of these to your screen, expose, and give the emulsion a hard rinse. Depending on how many squares remain, the guide will give you the perfect exposure time.

Bravo Flex Series

For those of you that require more stretch out of your ink due to spandex or lycra content, introducing Bravo Flex Series. This is a premium ink capable of printing all fabrics. Bravo Flex stops dye migration on 100% polyester. It adheres to untreated nylon. Cotton is no problem. Bravo!

Curable Reducer

Curable reducer will cure by itself into a soft, durable film. It may be added at higher proportions than non-curable reducers with little effect on cure properties.  This may be added to virtually any plastisol ink (not low temperature ink).