Production Series

Production Series
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Speed was on our mind when formulating the Production Series ink.  Although this ink is very high in opacity and stops dye migration on poly/cotton and most 100% polyester, it is better known for its ultra-fast flash time.  This prevents the need for cool down stations and allows much faster printing.

Best Features:

* Ultra-fast flash time, protecting your fabric
* Universal ink - print virtually any fabric
* Great bleed resistance
* Automatic presses love this high viscosity ink series
* Two white inks available:  Production White and Production Plus White
* Production Plus White gives added coverage and bleed resistance for the most difficult polyester fabric

Our Take:

You get a lot of performance for the money with Production Series inks.  Our customers with automatic presses love these inks as it is a high viscosity formula which offers fantastic coverage on dark cotton, poly/cotton, polyester, and nylon.  Originally, Production Series was created to solve the problem of fabric discoloration on neon yellow, neon orange, and neon green tees.  After flash curing, the color of the shirt would darken.  Production inks flash quickly enough to avoid this problem.

Color Chart

480 Series

Simply the easiest-to-print plastisol ink for cotton and poly/cotton T-shirts, the 480 Series is the go-to ink on light fabrics or when a white underbase is present. This is also the best ink for wet-on-wet printing techniques as it will not build up on the back of the next screen as quickly as opaque inks.

ELT-S Series

Perhaps you are needing a low temperature ink but you require the softest possible feel for cotton and poly/cotton fabrics.  The ELT-S Series combines many of the ELT Series benefits with a softer and more stretchy finish.  This is the perfect ink for use on all of your fabrics, especially stretchy polyester.

Franmar Series 8 Barrier Cream

Dirt, grime, and stains can be tough to get off your hands after a hard days work in the shop or around the house. Series 8 eliminates the hassle of scrubbing your hands to remove tough dirt, grime, and stains, letting you wash them off quickly and easily with water! Yes that’s right, with water.