Multi-Purpose Cover Sheets

Multi-Purpose Cover Sheets
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These cover sheets for use with heat press material are critical, especially when decorating 100% polyester.  These sheets will protect the fabric as it can turn glossy wherever the heating element or non-stick cover sheet touches it.  Multi-Purpose Cover Sheets will also leave more of a matte finish on the print.

Our Take:

You cannot use a typical Teflon cover sheet on slick 100% polyester without leaving the impossible-to-fix glossy square.  This cover sheet is a far better option.  Simple keep your pressure and heat to the minimum and you should avoid heat damage while using these sheets.

ELT-S Series

Perhaps you are needing a low temperature ink but you require the softest possible feel for cotton and poly/cotton fabrics.  The ELT-S Series combines many of the ELT Series benefits with a softer and more stretchy finish.  This is the perfect ink for use on all of your fabrics, especially stretchy polyester.

Heat Press Cover Sheet

This reusable cover sheet leaves a smooth semi-gloss finish on heat transfer materials as it protects the upper heat platen from ink transfers.  18"x20" sheet.

Heat Press Glitter

Our Glitter heat transfer vinyl is the best on the market. Our colors are vibrant and contain maximum sparkle! Why have a plain design when you can bling it out for maximum appeal? Glitter is CPSIA Certified so that even kids clothing can look amazing. You can also sublimate directly onto Heat Press Glitter!