Low Profile Wood Squeegee

Low Profile Wood Squeegee
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Our custom-cut low profile wood squeegees measure 2.5" tall and 1" thick.  We can cut them to any length (minimum size is 3") and include squeegee rubber.  We offer single durometer, dual durometer, and triple durometer squeegee blades.  Squeegee rubber is bolted in place without the use of glue.  This allows the rubber to be easily replaced when worn.

Single Durometer:

* 50 Durometer - Extremely soft.  Great for glitter printing.
* 60 Durometer - Soft.  Great for printing thick ink deposits.
* 70 Durometer - Medium.  All-purpose squeegee rubber.
* 80 Durometer - Hard.  Less ink deposit but better print resolution.
* 90 Durometer - Extremely hard.  Very little ink deposit.

Dual Durometer:

* 70/90 durometer squeegee rubber.  The hard portion of the rubber will prevent the squeegee from over-flexing, making it great for automatic equipment.  Soft print edge.

Triple Durometer:

* 65/90/65 and 75/90/75 available.  Best squeegee rubber for automatic presses.  The 90 durometer center will prevent over-flexing the rubber.   Soft edge on both sides of the squeegee.

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