Heat Transfer Pillow

Heat Transfer Pillow
Heat Transfer Pillow
Heat Transfer Pillow
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Get even surfaces and prevent marks on heat printed transfers by using these 3/4" foam core pillows.

Best Features:

* Non-stick
* Re-usable
* Available sizes: 16" x 20", 12" x 14", 5" x 18", 6" x 8", or 10" x 10"
* Use with v-necks, zippers, and buttons or near heavy seams
* Use as inserts for mesh and reversible jerseys

Our Take:

One of the most common reasons a heat press material fails is due to pressure.  You must have even pressure or the material will often wash off or begin to peel.  This is what a heat press pillow will allow.  Any time you are pressing near a pocket, collar, zipper, or buttons, it is a must-have item to protect your decoration.

Chromaline Chromalime

Similar to Chromablue in every way, the Chromalime is a lime green liquid emulsion.  The difference in color is everything as the lime green color allows for easy registration.  You can see through this color much easier than a red or blue emulsion.

ELT Series

ELT stands for "extreme low temperature".  This ink will cure as low as 250ºF for the ultimate energy savings, dye blocking, shrink preventing, and crack resistant ink.  ELT is soft, stretchable, bleed resistant, and very easy-to-print.

ELT Zip Fashion Powder

Fashion powder is a special powder adhesive for our ELT Zip Transfer method.  Fashion powder is designed to give the print a soft, stretchy feel.  ELT Zip Transfers will heat press at a much lower temperature than regular heat transfers.