Glitter Series

Glitter Series
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Glitter Series is a custom ink series.  Although we have numerous glitter colors displayed in our Eclectic color book, you have the ability to make your own colors.  The glitter flake in this ink series is very large (.008 Hex).  This will require a 24 or 38 count screen mesh for best coverage.  This ink really sparkles!

About custom colors:  Glitter Series allows for you to customize the ratio of the glitter flake colors and the base color.  "Super" colors as you will see in our Eclectic color book will contain pigmented bases.  For instance, Super Silver has a black base with silver glitter.  Super Blue has a blue base with a blue glitter.  If you were to order your own custom color, you may ask us for a 50:50 red/blue mixture with a blue base.  The options here are limitless so you must call to order any custom colors.  The colors in the Eclectic color book may be ordered online.

Best Features:

* Big glitter flake for big sparkle
* Huge color selection
* Custom colors available
* Easy to print
* Two different looks depending on whether you underbase, print-flash-print, or print just once.

Our Take:

Many screen printers struggle with glitter printing their first time.  We have a few tips to keep you out of trouble.  First, you cannot print glitter as you would a general purpose ink.  It cannot be pushed into the fabric.  There is a plastic glitter flake which will stay in the screen.  Light pressure is highly recommended.  Second, you need to flood the image area with a lot of ink.  38 count screen mesh is very thick.  It takes a lot of ink in the image area to make this work properly.  Finally, a soft squeegee will also help this process.

180 Series Super Gel

If you want a simple special effect for your t-shirt, look no further. The 180 Super Gel is a high-gloss clear ink for printing directly on t-shirts as a tone-on-tone look or for printing on top of ink colors. The latter will provide a gel appearance with any color it is printed with.

480 Series

Simply the easiest-to-print plastisol ink for cotton and poly/cotton T-shirts, the 480 Series is the go-to ink on light fabrics or when a white underbase is present. This is also the best ink for wet-on-wet printing techniques as it will not build up on the back of the next screen as quickly as opaque inks.

ELT Series

ELT stands for "extreme low temperature".  This ink will cure as low as 250ºF for the ultimate energy savings, dye blocking, shrink preventing, and crack resistant ink.  ELT is soft, stretchable, bleed resistant, and very easy-to-print.