Fine Transfer Powder

Fine Transfer Powder
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0 to 80 micron fine adhesive powder for use with regular temperature plastisol ink transfers. 

380 Series

By far the easiest to use hot split/hot peel transfer ink is our 380 Series. An enormous color selection is available including custom colors and metallic. 380 Series colors are opaque enough for printing on light to medium fabrics without a white backing. For best results, use 381 Premium White with 380 Series colors.

Dream White

The Dream White is quite simply the easiest cotton ink to work with.  The viscosity is perfect for manual and automatic printing.  The coverage on dark cotton is great.  It has just a pinch of puff to it for that extra boost of coverage needed to rise above the cotton fibers that often stick up.

Pellons (Test Squares)

Heat-stable white and black pellons for test printing. Pellons measure 16" x 18" and can be sold individually or in packages of 100 and cases of 500.