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Blog About Blog

Blog About Blog
February 25 2019
So a funny thing happened last year and I don’t even know when.  All of my blog posts were cut off after a certain number of characters.  Basically, if I was too wordy or wouldn’t shut up, the software decided enough was enough and just ended the blog post without warning.  It was like the robots of Twitter took over unexpectedly and enforced their limited style of communication.  I need more characters as I’m talking screen printing.  There are so many details and nuances in our industry.  I contacted my trusted IT department and they have fixed the problem.  We are back in business!

As annoying as this is for me, it gives me an opportunity to start over in 2019.  I am going to hit all of the previous topics.  However, there have been so many changes and updates that I will be writing all of these from scratch.  I hope everyone enjoys reading the old and the new topics.  Once I have revisited a topic I will likely delete the older post as I don’t want anyone finding themselves reading the older information.  Out with the old and in with the new!


Robb Mears
Director of Product Development


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