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.357 Series

We now offer .357 colors in addition to our popular and effective .357 White!  This ink series offers impressive bleed resistance, coverage, and it prints very easily.  If you operate a numbering press or you print a lot of polyester mesh, this is an excellent solution for you.

ELT Digital Black Underbase

Although the ELT Digital Black Underbase is a low temperature ink, it doubles as a regular temperature underbase as well.  Regardless, this innovative new product will stop dye migration in its tracks.  Even with sublimated polyester such as digital camo, this ink really works.

ELT Digital Black Underbase icon.

Production Series (colors & white)

Speed was on our mind when formulating the Production Series ink.  Although this ink is very high in opacity and stops dye migration on poly/cotton and most 100% polyester, it is better known for its ultra-fast flash time.  This prevents the need for cool down stations and allows much faster printing.

Production Series icon.

Bravo White

What happens when you create a white ink that performs better against dye migration than a polyester ink yet prints just as easily as a cotton ink?  Excellence.  This white ink truly is the latest and greatest as it will print cotton, poly/cotton, nylon, and even 100% polyester with ease.  Bravo!

Bravo Flex Series (colors & white)

For those of you that require more stretch out of your ink due to spandex or lycra content, introducing Bravo Flex Series.  This is a premium ink capable of printing all fabrics.  Bravo Flex stops dye migration on 100% polyester.  It adheres to untreated nylon.  Cotton is no problem.  Bravo!

Bravo Flex Series icon.

Smart Series (colors & white)

Cure this ink at regular 320ºF and have great results on virtually any fabric.  Cure this ink as low as 280ºF to protect delicate fabrics which may scorch, ghost, shrink, or melt.  Smart Series can do it all!  These colors are very opaque, bleed resistant, and surprisingly soft.

Smart Series Icon

NP Dry Fit Series (colors & white)

A new standard for polyester ink has been set with the NP Dry Fit Series.  This moisture management ink gives you the excellent bleed resistance you would expect from One Stroke Inks.  However, it also provides an ultra-soft feel.  Even better, this ink is safe for cotton and poly/cotton as well.

NP Dry Fit Series icon

Versamax Series (colors & white)

Printable on a number of fabrics, the Versamax Series is very versatile.  This is a very high opacity ink for printing on darks.  However, it is also a very stretchable ink for use on difficult items such as ribbed cotton and red poly/cotton shirts that may have dye migration issues.

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