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380 Series ink icon.

380 Series:  By far the easiest to use hot split/hot peel transfer ink is our 380 Series.  An enormous color selection is available including custom colors and metallic.  380 Series colors are opaque enough for printing on light to medium fabrics without a white backing.  For best results, use 381 Premium White with 380 Series colors.


Best Features:


* Use with a variety of hot split, hot peel, and cold peel papers

* Very soft finished print

* Splits evenly

* Huge color selection

381 Premium White ink icon.

381 Premium White:  Our go-to hot split transfer white ink for decorating cotton and poly/cotton fabric.  381 Premium White is perfect for use with the 380 Series colors as the share all of the same gel and heat pressing properties.


Best Features:


* Soft feel

* Creamy, easy-to-print

* Great opacity on dark fabric

* Even split from the paper, preventing a blotchy appearance

388 Series ink icon.

388 Series:  388 colors and white are the first great low bleed ink for hot peel transfers.  You can finally transfer gold or orange on black poly/cotton without dye migration.  388 Series colors should always be on a hot peel paper as hot split paper will not allow for the best coverage.


Best Features:


* Excellent coverage when printed on hot peel paper

* Low bleed formula

* Easy release from paper

ELT Zip Transfer Series ink icon.

ELT Zip Transfer Series:  Heat press low temperature transfers to prevent problems such as dye migration, shrinking, scorching, etc.  With an ultra-low 280ºF heat press temperature, this ink series will certainly change the way you work.  The low temperature transfers will peel immediately after pressing.


Best Features:


* Works with a variety of transfer papers (always test first)

* Peel hot, no waiting

* Amazing bleed resistance, even on sublimated polyester

* Low temperature protects the fabric

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