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*IMPORTANT NOTE:  All of our universal screen printing inks have been moved to their own page.  These inks will provide you with additional options for 100% cotton, poly/cotton, 100% nylon, and 100% polyester.  Universal Ink

Nylostretch Series (colors & white)

Preventing your ink from cracking is not just a curing problem.  Sometimes you need an ink that will simply stretch like a rubber band.  Nylostretch Series is what you need to print on nylon/lycra and nylon spandex blends of volleyball, soccer, wrestling, swimming, and track uniforms.

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Polystretch Plus Series (colors & white)

Like the Nylostretch Series, the Polyestretch Plus inks will stretch like a rubber band.  Unlike the Nylostretch Series, these inks will prevent dye migration on 100% polyester, polyester/lycra, and polyester/spandex blends.  This is the perfect ink for polyester singlets.

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Soymax Series (colors & white)

Looking for a green alternative to standard plastisol inks?  How about a soy-based ink?  You don't need to change the way you print or cure the Soymax inks.  It performs just like your regular, every day plastisol ink.  However, it has a very soft feel and is stretchable.  Green is good.

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