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New!!!  The Starlight is a glitter ink with very special, unique qualities.  Very similar to our clear crystallina, Starlight appears white/pearly indoors.  Outdoors or in direct light the color changes dramatically to a violet sparkle.  This is a great look on white fabric or white ink.

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EZ Reflecto Series

Numerous metallic colors are available in the EZ Reflecto Series.  These reflective inks are perfect for the fashion industry or as a safety print when certification is not required.  EZ Reflecto inks are best on 100% cotton T-shirts and sweatshirts.  However, poly/cotton and 100% polyester will also produce great results.

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Lumiflect is the strongest reflecting plastisol ink we have ever produced.  Offered in three colors, this easy-to-print special effect ink is perfect for fashion reflective prints or safety reflective prints not requiring ANSI certification.  Lumiflect can print through many fine mesh counts.

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180 Series Metallic

Nobody offers the color selection of metallic inks like One Stroke Inks.  Our color selection is huge.  With an exception of the fluorescent metallic colors, the bulk of our metallic inks are very opaque for screen printing on dark fabrics without a white underbase.  These colors allow for an easy-to-print special effect.

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180 Series Glow-in-the-Dark

We have two types of glow inks.  Our Phos-Flo inks are fluorescent/neon colors that glow in the dark.  The Phosphorescent inks are clear/milky white when seen in daylight.  All of these inks glow in the dark and under blacklights.  A white underbase is always recommended.

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Glitter Series

Like our metallic inks, we offer a huge selection of glitter inks.  In fact, our Glitter Series is customizable.  We can combine any number of glitter colors and base colors into your perfect ink.  Simply choose a glitter flake color or numerous colors and decide on a base color (or clear).  We will do the rest.

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Sparkle Series

Sparkle inks are exactly the same as glitter inks with one exception.  The size of the flake is half the size of the Glitter Series inks.  This allows for more detail and a lighter ink deposit.  All of the same colors are available including custom colors.  You can choose the flake color or colors and the color of the base.

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