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Emulsion & Capillary Film:  Properly coated and exposed screens are critical to your screen printing success.  If you have a high quality emulsion applied and exposed correctly, your prints will be more opaque.  Your fine details will be crisp and flawless.  We offer liquid emulsion from Saatichem and Chromaline.  Diazo, dual-cure, and photopolymer emulsions are available.  We also offer sheets of capillary film and high density capillary film.


Our most popular emulsions include:  Saatichem Textil PV, Saatichem Graphic HU 42, and Chromaline Chromalime


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Blockout & Blockout Pens:  Liquid blockout and blockout pens are used instead of tape to block pinholes and close open mesh around the outside of the screen printing frame.  Compared to tape, blockout is far more economical.  It is also very easy to apply and quick to dry!


Benefits of blockout:  economical, fully reclaimable, and quick to apply.


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Emulsion Remover:  Emulsion remover is available for purchase in liquid concentrate, powder concentrate, and ready to use formulas.  We offer special emulsion removers for use in dip tanks.  One important note about all of these cleaners, never allow emulsion remover to dry onto the screen.  If this happens, the emulsion will likely be locked into the mesh permanently.


Our most popular emulsion removers include:  ER-2, Franmar One Step Clear, and OSI Reclaiming Powder


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Ink Remover:  We offer ink removers for plastisol ink as well as other types of solvent-based and UV inks.  Some of these cleaners are for use on-press (not in a washout booth or sink).  On-press cleaners will dry quickly so you may change colors and quickly re-tape the screen.  Off-press ink removers are only for use in the washout booth as they are water-driven products.  All of our off-press ink removers are drain safe.


Our most popular on-press ink removers include:  PW-4 and Orange Power Plus


Our most popular off-press ink removers include:  IR-26, IR-4, and Franmar Bean-e-doo


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Haze Remover (Ghost Remover):  Haze removers are extremely useful as mesh stains will cause all kinds of under/over exposure problems.  Haze problems can also make registering multi-color jobs more difficult.  We have many safe but effective haze removers which will not attack the screen mesh.


Our most popular haze removers include:  HR-6 and Franmar d-Haze Gel


We also offer an emulsion safe haze remover:  Franmar Haze Remover ES


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De-Greaser:  This is a critical step for your screen mesh. If you don't properly de-grease the screen, you will surely run into emulsion problems such as poor adhesion and pinholes.  Always, always, always de-grease your screen mesh after reclaiming the emulsion as there is so much scum and contaminates left over after this process.


Our most popular de-greasers include:  Direct Prep 1 & 2, HR-6, and Franmar d-Grease


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Screen Opener:  Mesh gets clogged.  This is a fact of life as there is so much heat in the screen printing process with flash curing that inevitably some of the tiny holes will clog.  Luckily, we have screen opener which will quickly remove any dried ink from the mesh.  Screen opener is also a very effective color change chemical as it cleans fast and dries fast.  Be cautious with certain emulsions as screen opener may make them harder to reclaim if they are not solvent resistant.


Our most popular screen openers include:  Sprayway Fast Open #957 and PW-4


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Miscellaneous Cleaning Supplies:  In this category are cleaning supplies such as scrub pads, spray bottles, hand cleaner, hand wipes, and more.


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