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Screen Printing Ink:  One Stroke Inks is the manufacturer of high tech, high performance plastisol screen printing inks for use on apparel such as tees, sweats, uniforms, jackets, and bags.  We have a large selection of ink series as each particular fabric has different screen printing requirements.


We offer the following ink types:  Low Temperature Ink, Universal Ink, Mix & Match Systems, Cotton Ink, Polyester Ink, Nylon Ink, Process Ink, Stretch Ink, Special Effect Ink, Neon Ink, and Transfer Ink


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Screen Prep:  One Stroke Inks distributes screen prep chemicals for the textile screen printing industry.  We only select the best products from the most impressive manufacturers to join our extensive line of products.  Our most important parters include Saatichem, Chromaline, and Franmar.


Choose from the following categories:  emulsion, blockout, emulsion remover, ink remover, haze remover, screen opener, de-greaser, and miscellaneous


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Squeegees:  One Stroke Inks manufactures custom squeegees in numerous styles.  Choose the style that suits you and the squeegee rubber for the job.  We can cut and assemble your squeegee to any size 3" and larger.  We also sell the handles, rubber and bolts separately.


Choose from the following categories:  custom squeegees or squeegee supplies


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Heat Press Material:  One Stroke Inks distributes premium heat press material by Siser North America.  The best part about ordering heat press material from One Stroke Inks is the fact that we match any of our high tech plastisol inks to the heat press material.  This way you can print and press any fabric with color consistency.


Choose from the following categories:  heat press material, printable digital material, accessories, equipment


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Equipment:  One Stroke Inks distributes screen printing equipment such as dryers, flash cure units, heat presses, vinyl cutters, adhesive systems, spot cleaning guns, and much more.  If you are on the market for screen printing equipment, give us a call first as we have the knowledge to talk you through the big decision.


Choose from the following brands:  BBC Industries, Blackline, Hotronix, Roland, Tekmar, or miscellaneous


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Film Positives:  One Stroke Inks offers premium quality inkjet and laser films for use as screen printing film positives.  If you are looking for film positives which will expose the best screens and will withstand long storage times, you are in the right place!


Choose from the following categories:  inkjet film or laser film


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Platen Adhesives:  Often overlooked, platen adhesives are critical to the quality of your prints.  When platen adhesives break down too early, you are likely going to get terrible print quality as the ink will stick to your screen.  Your printers need something better!


Our most popular platen adhesives include:  Tekbond TB-HV and Sprayway Fast Tack #384


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Screens & Screen Mesh:  Whether you stretch your own screens with roller frames or static frames, or you order screens pre-stretched and ready to go, we have screens and mesh supplies for you.  We offer two types of Saatiprint screen mesh, wood screens, and aluminum screens.  Of course we also have glue kits as well.


Our most popular screen products include:  Saatiprint Hitex Mesh, Aluminum Screens, and Wood Screens


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Tape Products:  Whether you are shopping for screen tape, platen tape, or packaging tape, we have many options for you!  One Stroke Inks sees great benefit in offering premium tape products as they often save time.  Time is money.  When shopping for a tape product, always consider it's time saving features as well as the roll length.  These are often overlooked factors.


Choose from the following categories:  screen tape and miscellaneous tape


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Miscellaneous Products:  There are so many categories of products as we stock everything you need to be successful in the screen printing industry.  If you can't find what you need here, ask us!  We will guide you exactly where you need to be, even if it is not with us.


Choose from the following categories:  Ink Accessories, Ink Additives, Spot Cleaning Chemicals, Temperature Control, Test Print Materials and Miscellaneous


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