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*IMPORTANT NOTE:  All of our universal screen printing inks have been moved to their own page.  These inks will provide you with additional options for 100% cotton, poly/cotton, 100% nylon, and 100% polyester.  Universal Ink

OSI Poly Transfer System-CP

If you have tried screen printing sublimated polyester digital camo t-shirts, you know how difficult it can be to stop the dye migration.  We have developed a new system to stop the dye migration and contrast issues.  This involves screen printing heat transfers with our state-of-the-art system.

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Pure Plus White

This is the low bleed white ink that put us on the map.  Pure Plus White is quite simply a bleed stopper.  Over the years, we have updated this ink to stay on top of the most difficult 100% polyester materials.  Pair the Pure Plus White with Athletic + Series colors for a true bleed barrier.

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Ghost Series (colors & white)

Have you experienced "ghosting" on light colored fabrics?  If so, the Ghost Series is for you.  We have identified the chemicals that cause this reaction and removed them.  In the end, you get a super-opaque polyester ink that will prevent dye migration without any ghosting troubles.

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Athletic + Series (colors & white)

Best paired with the Pure Plus White, the Athletic + Series colors will be a great addition to your numbering press.  Even the gold, orange, and scarlet can print dark colored polyester with a simple print-flash-print.  Athletic + Series colors will keep you safe from dye migration, even after many wash cycles.

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NP Pro Series (colors & white)

The Non-Phthalate Pro Series inks are very opaque and very stretchable for printing 100% polyester and even some polyester/lycra or polyester/spandex blends.  We offer a unique set of colors in this ink series to match many popular uniform colors.  NP Pro White has fantastic bleed blocking ability.

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NP Pro + Series (colors & white)

If you love the NP Pro Series but need a bit more opacity, the Non-Phthalate Pro + Series will give you just that.  We have added some more coverage and dye blocking ability, allowing for better results on the toughest polyester materials.

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Hybrid Poly White

We have taken our most popular cotton white ink and re-formulated it for printing 100% polyester uniforms.  The Hybrid Poly White has all of the great traits of Hybrid White but it boasts the ability to block severe dye migration.  This is great news as it is very soft and easy-to-print.

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