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222 Series: For years, the 222 Series has been the most durable nylon ink in the industry.  Available in numerous athletic uniform matching colors, the 222 inks do not require any nylon catalyst for printing on non-waterproof or water-resistant materials.  Also, there is no shelf life like the competition.


Best Features:


* Tough ink for athletic uniforms

* Compatible with nylon catalyst for printing on waterproof nylon

* High-gloss finish

* Stretchy

Nylostretch Series ink icon.

Nylostretch Series: Nylostretch Series is our most stretchy plastisol ink for use on 100% nylon, nylon/stretch blends, and cotton/stretch blends.  Nylostretch is a glossy screen printing ink which is very easy-to-print with a soft hand feel.


Best Features:


* Super-stretchy

* High gloss finish

* Opaque on dark fabric

* Soft hand feel on most fabric