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ELT Mix & Match System:  This brand new mix and match system gives you more accurate, more opaque simulated Pantone® colors.  Even better, you can print these inks on any fabric and cure them at very low temperatures.  It doesn't get any better than this system if you find yourself printing specific colors on tough fabrics.


Best Features:


* Low temperature ink preventing fabric problems

* Universal ink - print on virtually any fabric

* Accurate simulated Pantone® colors

* Ink-to-ink system

ELT Pigment System ink icon.

ELT Pigment System:  You can mix your own low temperature Pantone® colors with this easy new pigment system.  Simply start with ELT Base, select a color, and add the pigments suggested by our online formula database.  Colors are extremely accurate and the finished ink is fantastic for virtually any fabric.


Best Features:


* Accurate simulated Pantone® color matching

* Universal ink - prints virtually any fabric

* Opaque formulas

Recommended Scales:

We do not offer scales for use with the mixing systems.  However, we do suggest calling Turner Scale, Inc. for an Adam precision balance.  Accuracy matters.  Visit their website at for all of their options.  We use numerous scales including the Nimbus 8201e and Nimbus 3602e.