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Franmar Soy Scrub

Soy Scrub™ makes a hard worker's hands feel clean again by getting rid of the dirt and grime of a hard job done well. This hand cleaner is made from American grown soybeans and finely ground Missouri pumice for extra cleaning power.



Franmar Soy Scrub hand cleaner.

Saatichem Remove HC8

Remove HC8 is a hand cleaner particularly effective at removing UV-cured and plastisol inks.  It also contains a triple blend of emollient, moisturizer and conditioner to protect the skin and prevent chapping or drying through repeated use.

Saatichem Remove HC8 hand cleaner.

OSI Hand Wipes

OSI Hand Wipes are a must-have item for keeping by the press. If you get ink on your hands, these wipes will easily remove the ink without drying out your hands. Each wipe has a citrus scent and an abrasive and non-abrasive side. 70 wipes to a container and six containers to a case.

OSI Hand Wipes

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