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Ink Accessories:  One Stroke Inks manufactures plastisol inks.  Of course we have accessories to go along with our high tech, high performance inks!  We stock ink spatulas, Pantone® books, and mixing blades.


Our most popular accessories include:  Ergo Scoops and Pantone® Books


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Ink Additives:  One Stroke Inks manufactures an assortment of additives for use in our plastisol ink.  These additives include ink reducers, nylon catalyst, puff additives, and more.  If you ever have a question about using one of these additives, always ask before mixing!


Our most popular ink additives include:  Nylon Catalyst, 680 Puff Base, and Visco Minus


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Spot Cleaning Chemicals:  One Stroke Inks distributes Tekmar spot cleaning chemicals for the removal of plastisol ink, cosmetic stains, embroidery, stains, and even mis-placed heat press material.  None of our spot cleaning chemicals are shipped Hazmat so there is not extra fee to worry about.


Our most popular spot cleaning chemicals include:  TS-3, TS-1, and TS-VLR


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Temperature Control:  Testing your dryer temperature is such a huge step at preventing ink cracking, washout, and dye migration.  You can never trust the thermostat on the dryer as it is not measuring the actual ink temperature.  Always remember curing is a time and temperature process.


Our most popular temperature devices include:  Thermolabels and Atkins Heat Probe


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Test Print Materials:  One Stroke Inks distributes many options for test printing our screen printing inks.  Whether you are checking registration, checking screen mesh, or printing for display, we have a material which should work for you.


Our most popular test print materials include:  Test Tubes, White Pellons, and Black Pellons


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Miscellaneous Screen Printing Products:  These products simply don't fit anywhere else.  This does not mean they aren't important or desired.  They simply serve a unique purpose.


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