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Saatichem Remove IR4

This water-driven ink remover is a member of our Green Line chemicals. The Remove IR4 is a biodegradable ink remover designed to clean screens off-press. The product has a light orange odor, and is slightly viscous to help it cling to the screen.



Saatichem Remove IR4 ink remover.

Saatichem Remove IR8

Remove IR8 is a California safe, water-driven chemical for cleaning screens while off-press.  Simply spray the screen with water, work the IR8 into the screen with a brush, and flood the screen with water. The ink will quickly fall out of the screen.

Saatichem Remove IR8 ink remover.

Saatichem Remove IR10

If you are a high-speed screen printing shop and you require chemicals that clean in a hurry, the Remove IR10 may be for you. It is very similar to the Remove IR4 but with some extra power.

Saatichem Remove IR10 ink wash.

Saatichem Remove IR14

IR14 is a strong ink remover with a pleasant scent.  Similar to the IR10, this cleaner is for high-speed production.  Simply spray, wipe, and rinse to remove plastisol or nylon inks from the screen.  Mix 1:1 with water for cleaning squeegees.

Saatichem Remove IR14 ink wash.

Saatichem Remove IR26

This is a powerful concentrate for use in the washout booth.  Mix 1:1 with water for the perfect solution or use straight out of the bucket for ultimate strength.  *Be sure to mix with water for use on non-solvent resistant emulsions.  Pleasant green apple scent.

Saatichem Remove IR26 concentrate ink wash.

Saatichem Remove PW3

The Remove PW3 is a California safe chemical formulated for use cleaning ink out of the screen while on-press. Simply spray the front and back of the screen with the PW3 and then buff it out with a cotton towel or rag. You may immediately re-tape without worry of an oily residue.

Saatichem Remove PW3 ink wash.

Saatichem Remove PW4

PW4 is a non-flammable press wash for textile printing. Color changes are quick and painless due to the strong cleaning ability of the PW4. The PW4 will also clean platens, squeegees, and equipment.

Saatichem Remove PW4 press wash.

Franmar Textile Trial Kit

Kit includes quarts of Bean-e-doo, d-Grease, d-Haze, Ickee Stickee Unstuck, Greeneway, and Strip-e-doo.  (2) White scrub pads, (1) red d-Hazer pad, (1) re-usable handle, and (1) DVD training video.

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