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H2O Proof Inkjet Film

This is our highest quality waterproof inkjet film for printing film positives.  H2O Proof has the ability to accept more ink than any of our other films.  Even with thick deposits, this film will be dry by the time the printing has finished.


H2O Proof Inkjet Film, waterproof for instant dry times.

OSI Inkjet Film

The OSI Inkjet Film is a high quality, waterproof film able to dry very quickly.  This film offers a great blend of quality and price giving you the ability to print waterproof film for the price of many standard inkjet films in the industry.


OSI Inkjet Film for instant dry times.

Fast Proof Inkjet Film

This is a semi-waterproof inkjet film.  What this means to you is that it will dry very quickly like waterproof films but it is not water resistant like a true waterproof film.  This is great if you want to upgrade from standard inkjet film due to the faster dry time.

Fast Proof Inkjet Film for instant dry times.

Caseys' Inkjet Film

Caseys' clear ink jet film is a clear, economic polyester film designed for use with Epson dye-based printers. The Caseys' film will dry to the touch in about 5 minutes. This film is not recommended for pigment-based inks such as the Epson Ultrachrome K3 inks.

Caseys' Inkjet Film for dye-based ink only.

OSI Double-Sided Clear Laser Film

This is the clearest laser film that we have to offer.  Although most clear films are not very heat stable, causing registration problems, the OSI Double-Sided laser film is very heat stable.  This gives you better exposure and registration times.

OSI Double Sided Laser Film for film positives.

OSI Double-Sided Opaque Laser Film

A thick, cloudy laser film for printing film positives.  This 4 mil. laser film is the most heat stable film we can offer.  Since it is cloudy, many laser printers will print darker images preventing the need for Sprayway Toner Aide.

OSI Laser Film for film positives.

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