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BBC Afford-A-Flash

The AFFORD-A-FLASH™ is a prerequisite for new screen print shops. It is the ideal flash for startups or a auxillary system. Highlighted by the exemplary Black Body® heater, this unit will more than serve its purpose. Comes standard with a 10 foot cord, stand, and casters.



BBC Afford-A-Flash flash unit.

BBC Black Flash

The Black Flash® has become the preferred flash/cure unit in the screen print industry. Consistent heat radiation over the entire element surface ensures every print is properly flashed or cured. And we sell a wide range of sizes, wattages, and voltages.


BBC Black Flash heating unit.

BBC Rotating Heater Stand

A traditional stand with a five star base. The stand also allows the dryer to swing 360°. Height adjustable.

BBC Rotating Heater Stand

Blackline Filter System

Incredible filtration system that utilizes a dual tank system to trap ink and emulsion solids and filters them before they reach the outflow. This easy to use durable filter system attaches to your present plumbing giving you a cost effective filtering system that is drain safe.

Blackline Filter System

Blackline Large Dip Tank

Blackline has developed a top of the line, quality large dip tank that will hold up to six standard or automatic screens as One Step Clear removes emulsion and textile inks from your screens. A lid and a screen hold-down device are included.

Blackline Large Dip Tank for reclaiming emulsion.

Blackline Small Dip Tank

This dip tank is better suited for a manual screen printing shop as it will hold four manual screens at a time.  Always use with One Step Clear to remove emulsion and textile inks from your screens.  A lid and a screen hold-down device are included.

Blackline Small Dip Tank for reclaiming emulsion.

Custom Platens

We now offer custom screen printing platens for any type of press.  These high quality wood platens are available in many stock sizes and can be custom cut to virtually any size you may require.  Simply use your existing brackets and drill holes into place.

Custom Platens for Screen Printing

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