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Understanding the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of 2008.

We asked the questions that all of you are asking and this is what we were told by the Small Business Ombudsman for the CPSC. I have listed his contact information for your reference. The following link will take you to the CPSIA of 2008.



Small Business Ombudsman for the CPSC:

Neal Cohen

Toll Free: 888-531-9070




CPSC Business Desktop Reference Guide:

The following link is new:



What are the effective dates to be in compliance with the CPSIA of 2008?

January 1, 2012. Manufacturers and Importers must provide a Children's Product Certificate based on testing provided by a CPSC accredited lab for any children’s products manufactured in America.



Search the CPSC Website:

Search the CPSC website for screen printing information here:  Click Here to Search



Requirements of the CPSIA

**Lead requirements are less than 100 parts per million (ppm) for the total lead content of a childern's product.

**Lead requirements are less than 90 ppm for the lead content of surface coatings on a children's product.

**Phthalate requirements are any amount greater than 0.1% computed for each phthalate individually, manufactured after December 31, 2011. These phthalates include DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, and DnOP.  Phthalates are banned in children's toys, and any child care artcile that is designed or intended by the manufacturer to facilitate sleep or the feeding of children age 3 or younger, or to help children age 3 or younger with sucking or teething.


For most garments, this applies to children's sleepwear and bibs.  See the following link:



Lead & Phthalate Information

The following links are to the CPSC website with detailed information on both lead and phthalates:



Requirements of One Stroke Inks and our Customers

*What are we required to provide to our customers to be in compliance with the CPSIA of 2008?

One Stroke Inks has decided to provide, as a service to our customers, both the Certificates of Conformity also called Children’s Product Certificate or CPC and Third Part Test results for the items that we manufacture. The following link explains Third Party Testing and the necessary documents needed:


Decorators must provide their retailers or distributors with their own Children's Product Certificate, which can be based on the certificate that One Stroke Inks provides and that your garment/blank supplier may provide you.


Decorators must also label their garments with certain tracking information including: manufacturer name, place/date of location, and a batch/lot number for traceability.  See



What items require these certificates?

Third party testing and Certificates of Conformity are required for the children's toys and child care articles that are described below. The effective enforcement date is January 1, 2012. Remember that compliance with the underlying ban itself is currently required regardless of the date when testing and certification begins.


A "children's toy" is defined as a consumer product designed or intended by the manufacturer for a child who is 12 years old or younger for use by the child when the child plays.


"Child care articles" are defined as consumer products that are designed or intended by the manufacturer for a child who is 3 years old or younger, to facilitate sleeping or feeding, or to help a child who is sucking or teething.


***According to Neal Cohen at the Ombudsman’s office, t-shirts and onesies do not currently qualify as child care articles for purposes of phthalates requirements.  Ordinary t-shirts and onesies are still regulated by the CPSC for lead content and flammability of the garment (which your garment/blank supplier may provide you).***


NOTE: If your business has gross revenues of less than $1 million, you may qualify for special third party testing requirements as a “small batch manufacturer”. Details can be found at the following link: