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Colormax Series ink icon.

Colormax Series: We stock an enormous color selection of the super-opaque Colormax Series including white.  These inks have been formulated to print on black and dark fabrics without the use of an underbase.  Great for preventing dye migration, the Colormax inks stay bright after many washes.


Best Features:


* Very opaque on cotton and poly/cotton

* Prevents dye migration on poly/cotton

* Will adhere to untreated nylon

Colormax FF White ink icon.

Colormax FF White: If you like the Colormax Series inks, you will love this faster flashing white ink.  Colormax Fast Flash White is a great ink for preventing dye migration on poly/cotton and it gives you maximum coverage on dark fabrics.  This is a great stand-alone white ink to keep production rolling.


Best Features:


* Extremely bleed resistant on poly/cotton

* Fast flash time speeds up production and limits fabric problems

* Excellent coverage on dark fabric

LB Premium White ink icon.

LB Premium White: For many years the LB Premium White has been our go-to ink for printing cotton and poly/cotton tees and sweats.  A lot has changed over the years but not the quality of this premium white ink.  This is a trouble-free white for use as a stand-alone white or as a smooth underbase.


Best Features:


* Opaque without a lot of "puff"

* Very smooth/flat print for an excellent underbase

* Great bleed resistance for poly/cotton printing

EJ Special White ink icon.

EJ Special White: EJ Special is another classic ink that has no reason to go away.  This white is great as a stand-alone white or as an underbase on cotton and poly/cotton fabrics.  There is no reason to worry about production issues as this white ink has worked great for screen printers everywhere.


Best Features:


* Very opaque without a lot of "puff"

* Smooth/flat surface for an excellent underbase

* Great bleed resistance for poly/cotton printing

#26 White ink icon.

#26 White: If you need an economical white ink for general purpose printing of tees and sweats, the #26 White will give you just that.  This creamy white ink is easy on the press with a quick flash time and smooth printing surface.  It also provides bleed resistance for poly/cotton blends.


Best Features:


* Economical

* Excellent price-to-quality ratio

* Smooth underbase ink

Underbase White ink icon.

Underbase White: This white ink is offered to those looking for an economical option to pair with an opaque highlight white.  Underbase is very creamy and easy-to-print making it ideal as the first-down white.  Come back over it with any of our premium white inks and you will have a great looking white and smooth prints.


Best Features:


* Smooth finish providing perfect underbase surface

* Soft and flexible

* Very opaque

Soymax Series ink icon.

Soymax Series: Looking for a green alternative to standard plastisol inks?  How about a soy-based ink?  You don't need to change the way you print or cure the Soymax inks.  It performs just like your regular, every day plastisol ink.  However, it has a very soft feel and is stretchable.  Green is good.


Best Features:


* Soy-based plastsiol ink

* Very stretchy

* Print a variety of fabrics

480 FF Series ink icon.

480 FF Series: This is a faster flashing version of our popular general purpose ink series.  If you have an automatic machine and wet-on-wet printing is too difficult a process, choose these fast flash inks to speed through multi-color print runs.  We offer all of the same colors as our 480 Series.


Best Features:


* Fast flash speeds up production and protects fabric

* Creamy viscosity

* Great simulated process ink

NP Colorsafe White ink icon.

NP Colorsafe White: If you have ever experienced "ghosting" problems on vintage or pigment dyed t-shirts, you may want to try this white ink.  This ink does not have any of the chemicals that may cause chemical ghosting issues on these shirts.  The finished product is very flat, allowing for a great multi-color print.


Best Features:


* Safe for any cotton and poly/cotton tee

* Extremely smooth finish for detailed underbases such as process and simulated process

* Soft finish

PC 90 Series ink icon.

PC 90 Series: Preventing dye migration on poly/cotton materials can be difficult.  The PC 90 White handles the most difficult poly/cotton blends with ease.  Need a bit more?  We also offer PC 90 Plus White when you need a little more puff in your print and added bleed resistance.


Best Features:


* Excellent bleed resistance

* PC 90 Plus White will print on 100% polyester

* PC 90 White is an amazing option for poly/cotton

PC 90 Plus White ink icon.

PC 90 Plus White: PC 90 Plus White is an extremely opaque and bleed resistant plastisol screen printing ink for use on cotton and poly/cotton fabrics.  If you are looking for a one-print white, this is the closest thing you will find.


Best Features:


* Amazing opacity

* Stops dye migration on poly/cotton

* Adequate for printing on 100% polyester

NP Hybrid LB White ink icon.

NP Hybrid LB White: A new technology is born with the NP Hybrid LB White.  This super-opacity white ink for cotton and poly/cotton tees and sweats gives you the best of both worlds.  It is very resistant to dye migration yet ultra-soft to the touch as a cured ink.  This white ink will amaze you.


Best Features:


* Extremely soft feel in the screen and on the shirt

* Excellent prevention of dye migration on poly/cotton

* Stretchy finish

Poly Cotton.Pro White ink icon.

Poly Cotton.Pro White: If you are needing a white ink that boasts coverage like the Colormax White but without any puff, Poly Cotton.Pro White may be the ticket.  This has a similar viscosity and bleed resistance but will not puff in the dryer.  This allows for a smoother, high opacity underbase on dark cotton and poly/cotton.


Best Features:


* Very opaque without a rough surface

* Great for simulated process underbase

* Bleed resistant for printing poly/cotton

Poly Cotton.Pro FF White ink icon.

Poly Cotton.Pro FF White: Very similar to the standard Poly Cotton.Pro ink, this white ink will flash faster for those who may not have a high end flash unit.  This ink is very opaque without the puff allowing for smoother prints and a nice underbase.  Poly Cotton.Pro Fast Flash White is very opaque and bleed resistant.


Best Features:


* Fast flash speeds up production and protects the fabric

* Excellent bleed resistance on poly/cotton

Aquasilk Series ink icon.

Aquasilk Series: If you prefer plastisol ink over water-based inks but you require a soft feel on the shirt, Aquasilk Series is the best ink for you.  These inks may not be as soft as water-based inks but they are very light on the hand and very stretchable for printing 100% cotton fabrics.


Best Features:


* Super-soft feel for cotton fabrics

* Very stretchy

* Covers great on dark fabric

Babysoft Series ink icon.

Babysoft Series: Printing towels with water-based inks is never easy.  Why not try a super-soft plastisol ink instead.  Our Babysoft Series will cover much better than water-based inks.  Additionally, these inks do not require any special curing or printing instructions.  Babysoft is also a great 100% cotton ink.


Best Features:


* Soft feel

* Very stretchy

* Opaque on dark cotton

LB Premium FF White ink icon.

LB Premium FF White: We offer fast flash formulas in many of our most popular white inks.  LB Premium F.F. White is quite possibly the favorite for manual screen printers.  This is a creamy, almost fluffy white ink that has great coverage and can handle dye migration issues with poly/cotton T-shirts.


Best Features:


* Excels as a one-color opaque white or a smooth underbase white

* Perfect viscosity for manual and automatic printing

* Bleed resistant for use on poly/cotton

EJ Special FF White ink icon.

EJ Special FF White: Looking to speed up production?  Try our EJ Special F.F. White on your automatic press and realize how quickly this white ink can run through even the most demanding production schedule.  Both infrared and quartz flash units can utilize the quick-flashing formula of one of our most popular inks.


Best Features:


* Fast flash speeds up production and protects fabric

* Smooth finish for an excellent underbase

* Very opaque and bleed resistant on cotton and poly/cotton