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CorelDRAW Color Palettes (X5 and newer)

The downloads below will provide you or your graphic artist with color palettes of each One Stroke Inks & Siser Heat Press Material color chart that we offer.  Simply download the file of the ink series or multiple ink series and open them in your swatches palette.  Show your customers realistic ink colors, avoiding custom mixed inks.


Download Instructions:

1. Right-click the link (Mac users: Simply click the link).

2. Select "Save Target As".

3. Choose a destination on your computer and select "Save".

CorelDRAW Download: One Stroke Inks


Installation Instructions:

1. Copy the CorelDRAW XML color palette file to: "Libraries/My Documents/My Palettes"

2. Open CorelDRAW.

3. Click on the Menubar, then Color Palettes, then choose your One Stroke Inks Color Palette.

4. You should now see the list of colors with names.




CorelDRAW Color Palettes (X4 and older)

Due to some problems with versions of CorelDRAW X4 and older, you may have some color matching problems as pictured below.  This is out of our control as versions X5 and newer display colors correctly.  For this reason, we strongly recommend upgrading versions if color accuracy is important to you.  Regardless, we have the download below.


CorelDRAW Download: One Stroke Inks


*Note: the above download is a .cpl file, not an .xml file as used in newer versions of CorelDRAW.