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About One Stroke Inks:


One Stroke Inks is a family owned company. We take pride in our company and start each day with the goal to do better than the day before.  We instill this pride in our employees, the community, and our customers. Our mission here at One Stroke Inks is to offer inks and supplies, your way.  Guaranteed! Located in Louisville Kentucky, One Stroke Inks has been offering our quality inks and supplies for over 18 years. Our goal is to make the best plastisol ink, and we consistently stay in the forefront of the leading industry technology.  Read more

About Kidsclothes:


Kidsclothes® is about providing undergarments, toothbrushes and toothpaste for children. The immediate focus is six pair of underpants and six pair of socks for each child, with other apparel being added as we receive donations. Since 1993, we have provided over 2,000,000 pieces to children.  Read more

Technology for Education:


Kidsclothes is working close to home by starting a pilot program being rolled out to public and private schools.  We feel this infusion of technology into classrooms will assist children in many ways.  With iPad,  classroom materials go way beyond the classroom. There are over 65,000 apps just for education, interactive books on every subject, and speeches, virtual tours, and videos from experts and institutions around the world.  Read more